Decorating for Fall on a Budget

 Welcome back, Everyone.  It's mid-September and the temperatures are starting to cool off.  Low 70's during the day and upper 40's to low 50's at night is perfect, especially since it isn't raining!

This week I decided to start decorating for Fall.  Keep in mind, I am not an interior decorator or designer.  I just know what I like.  So come along and see how I decorate - on a budget!

There are 2 rules to decorating at the Cottage:
1.  Don't spend a lot.
2.  Use what you have - whenever you can.

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Simple, right?  Let's have a look...

First stop is the top of the China Cabinet.  
The galvanized tin has been around for at least 12 years. So long that I can't remember what I paid for it.  The flowers inside are also at least that old and were purchased on sale.  Since they've lasted this long, I'd say they were a good investment - whatever I paid for them!  
The bird I found a couple of years ago, also on sale.  I think he was about $7.  Not a bad price.
The purple pumpkin is covered in corduroy and was made by me a few years ago. 

Next is the crooked cutting board,  a yard sale find that cost pennies.  It got a makeover this past spring and now it's all ready for fall.
Once again, I used some silk stems that have been around for years.  No cost for this one!  If you're wondering what that is just below it, that's my Measuring Spoon Rack.  The most useful DIY project I've ever done!

Let's move on to this little table in the living room. 
Nothing fancy here, just a yard sale candlestick and a wine bottle cut into a vase.  It's filled with - yes, you guessed it - more of those silk stems that have been around for quite a while.  

This little bird cage was a $1 yard sale find and was combined with an old ashtray stand to complete the look.  Once again, the fall stems have been around for years.
Shall we light the candle?
These battery-operated flameless candles are the best.  The remote not only turns them on and off, it can control the brightness and set a timer.  Winning!

My other bird cage has the same candles.  
I was out of Fall stems at this point, so I bought some bittersweet stems at the dollar store to fill it.  Both bird cages add so much warmth to the room at night.

The last stop is also a sneak peek at a project I'll be sharing on Saturday.  Be sure to stop back for the full reveal.
The ceramic pumpkin was a $2 yard sale find and was perfect on this little shelf.  I  surrounded it with some of that dollar store bittersweet and that was all it needed.

My home is now decorated for Fall and I didn't spend a fortune doing it.  My advice to you?  Shop yard sales, thrift stores, and sales at retail stores.  DIYing always adds fun things to your home, and remember to keep your silk stems in totes. They will last a long time. 

But, keep in mind, I am NOT a decorator or designer.  I'm just a gal who wants her home to be pretty without going broke.  I hope I've given you a few ideas that will work in your home.

Be sure to stop back on Saturday...I can't wait to show you my latest DIY project!

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  1. So many cute little touches! It is pouring here today but we had a beautiful weekend so I am definitely not complaining.

    1. Thank you, Joanne. We're starting to have some cooler and sunny weather. I'll take it!

  2. I love how you decorate with some of your creative DIYs, Ann! I think that's always so much more special. I also can't wait to see your full reveal this weekend...I'm counting the days!

    1. Thank you, Kim. 'Use what you have' is starting to be my mantra!

  3. I love using faux pillar candles too...wherever I can for this cozy season! Budget friendly, minimal and re-using what you can are some of my very favorite things to do when decorating. Thanks so much for sharing at Home Imagined this week!

    1. It sounds like we have similar styles. Thanks for stopping by!

  4. Replies
    1. Thank you, Natasha. I really love my bird cages!

  5. Great ideas. I love the pillar candles in the birdcage. I have a few of the ivory flameless candles, it's easy to decorate them with some faux flowers or leaf stems. Most of my fall d├ęcor has been around forever, it's stood the test of time.

    1. Thank you so much. I'm glad to hear I'm not the only one with decor that's been around for years!

  6. I love these ideas. Love the candles and bird cages!

    I prefer simple, and your ideas are simple yet elegant.

    Featuring your post at the Sunday Sunshine Blog Hop this week.

    Thanks for sharing!


    1. Thank you so much, Laurie. I hope I've proved you can have nice decorations without breaking the bank!

  7. Fall is the best here in WNY and I love how you transformed the birdcages! Thank you for sharing your post at the Senior Salon Pit Stop! I'm excited to be featuring you at Monday’s party. Congrats! Pinned
    Maria @

    1. Thank you so much, Maria. Fall is the season that has the best paintbrush colors!

  8. I love the ashtray stand, I recently came across one while working at my grandmother's house, it was my grandpa's. I may need to see if I can scoop it up at auction. Your fall decor looks lovely Ann, I love birdcages. They have a way of bringing the outdoors in, I love that fuzzy line between indoor and outdoor decor in our home.

    1. That is one of my favorite makeovers...I keep saying that about so many of them! LOL There are so many things you can do with bird cages. I only have two, but I hope to find more!

  9. Beautiful ideas! I love the use of the bird cages. Featuring when my link party opens.


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