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Park Your Broom

The brooms are made (see here) , so is the sign (here) .  Add a pumpkin and some mums and we are ready for Fall: How about a close-up of the broom parking area? The petunias, in the planter (see that transformation here) , were replaced with a mum for the season.  I also replaced the hanging geranium in the apple basket with another beautiful mum: Since I had success with it last year, the mums will all be saved over the winter and planted in the ground in the Spring.  I'm also hoping to regrow the geranium so it can go back in the apple basket. The spider web doormat is in place and we are ready for Fall! The temperatures around here have been flirting with 70, so it's just been heavenly working outdoors.  The weatherman predicts some freezing temperatures overnight in the next few days, though.  I'll be covering/bringing-in those mums to keep them flowering for a few more weeks! Thank you for stopping by the Cottage  - How are you decorati

Broom Parking Sign

The last time you were here, I shared how to make a witch broom .   Since the brooms were going to be parked on my front porch, I needed a sign: In a few easy steps, you can make the same sign.  I must be honest, I thought this project would involve my new jigsaw, but we just happened to have a piece of wood that was the perfect size - stay tuned for a jigsaw project at another time. Here's what I did: Two holes were drilled and the board was given 2 coats of exterior house paint.  While that dried, I printed the words and 'colored' the back of the letters with a pencil: I chose the placement of the words and taped them down with blue painters tape.  Using a stylus, I traced the letters onto the board. The board looked like this: Using a small paint brush and black craft paint, I painted the letters. After distressing with sandpaper and spraying with a sealer, I added the wire for hanging.   The sign is done!   The next step is to dec