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Wine Bottle Upcycle

I don't know about you, but, once in a while I see a wine bottle that has potential.  Sometimes it's the shape, sometimes it's the color.  With this one, it was the finish.  It had a nice 'brushed' finish and I immediately knew what I wanted to do with it. The great thing about this one was the label.  It completely came off after soaking for a few minutes in hot water.  There was no need for the peanut butter trick !  Once the label was off, I grabbed the jute twine and some E6000.  The neck of the bottle was given a thin coat of glue and the twine was wrapped around it. I bought some burlap ribbon from the dollar store a while ago, had no idea what to do with it, but knew it would be used at some point in time.   Since I only needed a small piece for this project, I've got lots left for something else......Winning! That's right, 9 feet for a dollar. How's that for a bargain?  A dot of glue was added to the center of the bottle and the

New Tablet Sleeve

Today I'm stepping out of the box to share a sewing project with you.  Please do not 'hate' when you see my unorthodox sewing methods, honestly, it's how I roll... Here's how this project started.  I had a really great cover for my Kindle Fire.  It had magnetic edges that automatically shut it off when the cover was closed.......until the magnets stopped working. This was a big problem, so I decided to make myself a new one with the supplies I had around the house.   I had some scraps from the curtains I made for the living room and some batting from making potholders last year, everything I needed without having to step out the door, where it was cold........and snowy........ and get the picture.   I used 2 strips of fabric and 1 strip of batting: I used my Kindle to measure how much fabric I needed, allowing for seams, etc.  Remember, those unorthodox methods??  Once I figured out those measurements, I place the fabric pieces right sides

Vintage Sewing Pattern - Thrift Store Challenge

It's time once again for Ten on the 10th.    The theme for this month is Thrift Store and this group of blogger friends will share their ideas that cost under $10.  Are you ready?  Here's what I found at the Thrift Store for a quarter, that's right 25 cents! As soon as I saw the outfits I knew it was vintage and then there was the price of 65 cents.   Can you believe it?  Have you priced sewing patterns lately?   I still wanted to know what year it was from and the back did not disappoint: That's right, 1964! I knew exactly what I was going to do and it started with all the pattern pieces.  After I pulled them out, I ironed them to remove as many creases as possible.   I started cutting squares that were 8"x10" and stacked 8 of them.  Then it was like being in elementary school again, making tissue paper flowers.  I started folding the stack accordian style: When the whole thing was folded, I tied a chenille stem around the middle: E

Tortilla Roll-Ups

It's Super Bowl weekend and it's all about the big game, right?  Personally, I only watch for the commercials and the half-time show, but I do enjoy making food for it.  This recipe is easy, tasty, and always a crowd-pleaser.   I recently made it when a friend came for lunch and she wouldn't leave without the recipe, so, dear readers, let me share it with you! Here's what you need: 1 pound of deli meat, sliced thin.   Large flour tortillas. Lettuce. Red peppers - get about 3. Garden Vegetable cream cheese. Spread the cream cheese on the tortilla.  Don't be stingy! Once the entire tortilla is covered with a good layer, add the lettuce. Next, add the red peppers, which have been sliced. The next layer is the deli meat.  I used honey ham. Start rolling up the tortilla. Once it's completely rolled-up, start slicing with a serrated knife. I get about 8 slices from each tortilla.  Put them on a pretty tray and dinner, lunch,