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The Ultimate Yard Sale Guide

  Yes, it's that time of year again.  Yard Sale and Estate Sale season is upon us and, if you're like me, you can't wait to start searching for treasures!  In my area many towns have a 'Community Wide' yard sale where you can spend the better part of the day shopping.  That is why I've collated this list of items that every Yard-Saler (that's a word, right?) should have at their fingertips.     Here's my list: Money.   That's right, cold, hard cash.  No checks (does anyone use those anymore?), PayPay, or Venmo. Unless you're shopping for something big, keep the bills small - singles, 5's, 10's and don't forget the quarters either.  You can still pick up smalls for a quarter or 50¢!   T he people running the sales have change, but they don't want to give it all up first thing in the morning, so don't hand them a twenty dollar bill for a one dollar item at 9am.   Plan ahead.  Go to the bank beforehand and break your big bills th

Homemade Lavender Soap

This may be the easiest DIY I've ever completed.  Not only is it easy to do, it smells AMAZING!  You only need 4 items to make it, all readily available.   Let me welcome you to the  Creative Craft Hop  hosted by Donna from Modern on Monticello .  If you just came from Terrie @ Decorate & More With Tip , welcome to the Cottage.  At the bottom of this post I'll direct you to the next stop on this hop, but be sure to visit all of the other stops too for some amazing inspiration. They will all be listed. Let's make some Lavender Soap! There are lots of ways to make soap and many types, as well.  I decided to use a Shea Butter Soap Base that is 'melt and pour' and some simple soap molds .  They are both available on Amazon and I provided links.  I am not an affiliate and I do not make any commission if you buy them.  I'm just sharing what worked for me! The lavender grew in my garden and was harvested last Summer. You can also find it on Amazon if you don't