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How to Line a Pot for $0

This adorable galvanized pail came home with me after a trip to HomeGoods.  I had no plan for it, but, for $2, how could I pass it up? Recently, I decided it would be the perfect container for my basil plant. The only problem?  I needed a liner.   My solution?  A 2-liter soda bottle! After placing it in the bucket, I drew a line on the soda bottle where it needed to be cut, removed it, cut it, planted the basil, and placed it back in the bucket. The little galvanized bucket has a purpose, my basil plant now has a home. It's a win-win!   Best of all, it didn't cost a dime and it reused a soda bottle. Now I just need the tomatoes to hurry up and grow.  There's bruschetta to be made (and eaten)! Update:  If you read my post, "It's Been Ruff" .  All has been resolved....whew!  I was really worried about my Vintage items!  We've had a few other things to deal with at the Cottage, but, that's a story for another day! For now, have a

It's Been "Ruff"

After the long month of April, I am happy to say I am back, healthy, and things are looking up! Isn't that just the sweetest face? Meet my grandpuppy, Chevy. April started out with me flunking my annual mammogram. Without sharing "too much information", let me say it was 3 1/2 weeks of scheduling, having, and waiting for the results of further tests.  I was a wreck!  Long story short - I am fine!  My public service announcement?  Get your annual mammogram, ladies.  It's an important test! Just a few days after the dust settled, a couple of issues came up at the Cottage.  Meet our new bathroom sink faucet knob: My poor husband went to turn off the hot water and the knob came off in his hand.  Once again, to make a long story short, the stem is shot and we need a new one - not so easy to find with a vintage sink that has a slant where the faucet assembly is located.  We found a handyman who appreciates this bathroom and is helping us out.  The last t