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Denim Pocket Organizer

Welcome back!  Today I want to share an organizing idea that was made from the leftovers of another recent project.  If you follow me, you'll remember The Christmas Mermaid project.  It was the perfect gift for my daughter and left me with another half for a new project.  Behold: It was time to create some organization! Yes, this started out as a large gift sack and after using the one side to create The Christmas Mermaid banner , the second piece was destined to be an organizer.   There was already a channel across the top for a dowel. After the side seams were opened, they were restitched and the second side was ready for a makeover.   I knew I wanted my scissors displayed across the top, so I cut a length of denim from a pant leg, folded under the edges and started to fit it.  The left edge was pinned in place and each pair of scissors was put in place before pinning a seam line.  When all the pins were placed, each seam was sewn and the scissors fit perfectly.  I chose some po

The Speaker Cabinet

This post may contain affiliate links. As usual, this find has a story that began late last Fall at a yard sale.  When we walked up the driveway, I recognized the man holding the sale. You see, I'd met Mike before - twice.  He does sales for other people and this one was no exception. My husband spotted him first and started to laugh.  When Mike looked up and saw me, my husband announced, "She's back!"   Mike responded with an unenthusiastic,  "I see that."  You see, I drive a hard bargain, my husband has even called me 'ruthless', but, I get good deals.  This day was no exception.....    I spotted this cabinet in the back of the garage and asked Mike how much he was asking for it.   He looked at me and asked, "How much are you thinking?" Dangerous question....The top wasn't even attached! My response?  "I want it for 5 bucks." He laughed.  I smiled! Long story short?  I picked up a few other items and ended up getting the cab