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Introducing Rosie.....

....or is it Daisy? I can't decide, but more about that later.  A vintage dress form has been on my wish list for years, actually, since my college days, but whenever I found one it was either not for sale or way out of my price range.  Well, I found one and of course, there's a story...... It all started in October, when I was in Joann's and discovered they still had that lacy spider fabric I used for my wire pumpkin .  Since it was on clearance, I decided to grab a couple of yards 'just to have' know what I mean, right?  The woman cutting it for me asked what I was going to do with it.  I told her that someday I was going to find a vintage dress form and use it to dress her for Halloween.  She said, "I have one and I'm having a yard sale this Saturday."  I almost fell over.  She asked me for my phone number so she could text me a picture and then wrote down her name and address so I could come to her sale.  Could it get any better? H

Just One More Estate Sale....

Update:  See the Winter Scene Light Box HERE .                I'm still working on the other projects, I'll update when they're completed. ....for the season.  I promise...well, maybe!  It all started two Saturdays ago when I sat down and opened up a facebook yard sale page.  I saw the address posted and it was very familiar to me.  Then it dawned on me, this address was my neighbor from when we were between houses and renting.  Lynn was a sweet lady who used to sit on her back porch and watch me work with my jigsaw in the backyard. It was heartbreaking to realize that she had passed away.   This sale was being conducted over two weekends.  It was the second day of the first weekend of the sale and I knew I wanted to buy something to remind me of Lynn.  So I grabbed my hubby and off we went.   Her house, that was built in the late 1800's, was packed with so many treasures:  glassware, furniture, linens, pictures/frames, quilts, antique toys, vintage clothes, dress

Scrabble Tile Ornaments

Even though I'm not decorating for Christmas until Thanksgiving arrives, the planning and crafting has begun!  Welcome back, I'm glad you're here.   I've been seeing Scrabble tile ornaments all over Pinterest and have always said I was going to make them someday.  Someday arrived when a friend gave me a bag of tiles and told me to go do something with them.  Gotta love friends like that! So, I grabbed a paint stirrer and cut it down to size. The hole for hanging was drilled and some scrapbook paper cut to size. The edges of the paint stirrer were painted with craft paint. No worries about the middle since it would be covered by Mod Podge and scrapbook paper. Then it was time to sort through  the Scrabble tiles. The letters I wanted were found and glued on with E6000.  When they dried, a ribbon was run through the drilled hole for hanging. It was so easy, I made some more! What homemade ornaments are you making this year? Featured at:

Ceramic Christmas Tree - Updated!

If you've been following me for a while, you'll recall this 'lovely' ceramic tree I found last summer: It had a pink pearl finish. It was dirty. It had fabulous blue lights - not! But it was only a $1.50. This post may contain affiliate links. Did I mention it was dirty?? The first order of business was getting those blue lights out.  Some of them were loose and came right out, but most of them were glued-in.  I was a little concerned about breaking them, but, I got out the vice grips and started twisting. I'm happy to report that all of them came out with a little encouragement.  A few broke, but the small pieces popped right out. The tree went into the sink for a good scrubbing and came out looking like this: Clean, but very pink! Ceramic trees are very popular right now.  I've even seen reproductions of the originals. Since I was never a big fan of the green ones with multi-colored lights, I decided this one would be white.  Off