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The Good, the Bad, & the Ugly

The Good:  We now have a rebuilt front porch that can  be decorated for the season.

The Bad:  This indoor/outdoor carpet that was on the porch floor.
The Ugly: 

Pull up a chair, pour yourself something to drink and I'll tell you the story. When we bought the cottage, we knew the porch floor had a "soft spot".  It was at the top of the "to-do" list, so shortly after arriving, we peeled back the carpet and had a look.  It wasn't pretty, as you can see above.  There was also paneling on the sides of the porch.  I didn't like the look.
So, it was pryed off to expose this: Seeing that rotted beadboard broke my heart! And this: Fortunately, the wasps were long gone! Next. some of the floor was opened up and the extent of the damage was apparent:
The job was getting bigger by the minute.......time to call the professionals!   The demolition continued: Our contractor was able to save us some money by salvaging what we had. The cedar siding was carefully removed and saved a…

Let's Start the Party: Wordless Wednesday

Welcome!  It's my last Wordless Wednesday to Co-Host with Karren at Oh My Heartsie Girl.  This month flew by and I've enjoyed seeing the wonderful things that all of you linked-up. They've been fabulous!   I hope you'll continue to stop by the cottage, even after I'm no longer co-hosting.

So, let's get, visit as many as you can, and leave them a little love with a sweet comment.  Here we go.....................  
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A Hometalk Hello to Wreaths!

Recently the wonderful people at Hometalk contacted me.  They were looking to feature a clipboard on inexpensive wreaths and wanted me to curate it.  Naturally, I said, "Yes!"

As you know, wreaths can be very expensive to make.  This board represents a wide variety of wreaths, all of which can be recreated at a reasonable price.  There are 20 wreaths on it now, but you know I'll be adding more! Click the picture and take a look for yourself.  I'm confident you'll be gathering your materials and making a new wreath in no time!  Be sure to let me know what you create - remember, I want to add more wreaths to the board!
Thanks for stopping by the cottage!

Did Someone Say, "Chocolate?"

We had friends over for dinner last night at the cottage and I tried a new dessert recipe.  It was delicious.  It was decadent.  I just had another slice!

I found the recipe on Pinterestfrom Taste of Home.  It's called the Chocolate-Strawberry Celebration Cake, and, believe me, it IS something to celebrate! Keep in mind, there is nothing low-cal about this cake.  Heck, the frosting alone has 2 cups of butter in it.  Yes, that is a whole pound......but, it is soooo worth it! Click the Pinterest link above for the recipe.  It's pretty simple, and guess what?  This beauty starts with a box cake mix!    Sooo, if you're looking for a special dessert recipe, you love chocolate, and you're throwing your diet out the window, make this cake.  You won't be disappointed!   Thanks for stopping by the cottage - have a great week!

The $3 Wreath

Yes, you read that correctly!  $3 - that's it.  You know how I love a deal!
Since there's always a story, here it is... The Craft Room is still packed.  Repainting the basement has begun, so, with a little luck, it may emerge soon!  Keep your fingers crossed for me, OK?
I was really feeling the need to "get my craft on" and, while at the Dollar Store, spotted a small grapevine wreath.  Two flower springs and the wreath came home with me - total: $3. I had already started shaping the flowers to fit the wreath when this pic was taken.
I needed 2 more items that I KNEW I had...somewhere...packed in a box...burlap ribbon and a hot glue gun.  The ribbon was found in the first box I searched - YES!  The hot glue gun was another story.  I searched through six boxes with no luck.  I knew it was there, but I was trying to avoid totally emptying the boxes because it was IMPOSSIBLE to get everything back in again.  (When I packed them for the cross-country move, it was like playin…

Wordless Wednesday Linky Party

Life at the cottage sure has been busy - cleaning, painting, decorating, trees coming down, (feel free to click those links) and so much more!  Welcome - I hope you'll take a look around and stop back for more stories.  
In the meantime, I am Co-hosting Wordless Wednesday again this week and can't wait to see what you link up.  Be sure to enter for a chance to co-host next month.  It's so much fun!  
Sooooo, here we go.......

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The Dirty Truth!

Just in case you thought this was a blog that would only share the clean and pretty projects - let me clarify.  Rescuing an older home involves a lot of DIRT - and I am not afraid to share!
Presenting..........the fence:

The cottage came with a vinyl picket fence that stretched across the back yard.  It's a nice fence, but it was incredibly dirty!  As you can see, it was covered in mold, mildew, and a few lichen. Initially, I had no idea how to clean it and I certainly didn't cherish the thought of scrubbing every square inch of a fence that stretched about 60 feet.   Then it hit me......bleach! It's used to kill mold all the time!  I grabbed the bottle of bleach and a spray bottle, added bleach and warm water in a 1:5 ratio, and sprayed one section of the fence. The grime melted away!  I sprayed the next section and then went back to look at the first one.  Since my husband had already turned off the outside faucets for winter, I went back inside and grabbed a bucket of…