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Easy Summer Dinner

Summer is here and no one wants to spend a lot of time cooking.  This dinner is quick, easy, and it won't heat up the kitchen.  Do I have your attention?  Read on! This post may contain affiliate links. Call it a Wrap or a Soft Taco - either way, it's delicious and easy to make.  The secret to not heating up the kitchen?  Use a Crock-Pot!   Here are the basics: In addition to a crock pot and a large chicken breast you'll need: Taco Seasoning - this is my recipe Green Chilis - 7oz. can Salsa - 12oz. - about half a jar Tortillas Lettuce Shredded Pepper Jack Cheese Red Pepper Slices Sour Cream & any other toppings you like Instructions: Sprinkle both sides of the chicken breast with taco seasoning. Place in the crock pot and add the salsa. Next add the can of green chilis. Cover and cook on low for 4 hours.  Remove the chicken breast and shred with forks. Put the chicken back in the crock pot and stir. Let it cook for another hour.  Remove chicken and strain the juices . 

Wine Bottle Lantern

This post may contain affiliate links.   Are you ready for another upcycle project for your outdoor space?  I hope so, because I'm back with one more that I just love !  I've been having much more success with bottle cutting now that I've figured out a new technique.   W elcome to the 'Do It Over' Designers blog hop.  We are a group of bloggers who love to recycle/upcycle/DIY.   This time we are sharing all things 'glass'.   I'm happy to host this hop and I hope you'll visit everyone to see what they have to share with you.  Their links will be listed at the end of this post. This project begins with a bottle: Blue is my color and I absolutely LOVE that I've found wine that comes in blue bottles! Before we get started, my PSA:    Put on safety goggles .  You're working with glass and you only get one set of eyes!   I've never had a bottle shatter/spray glass while doing this, but better safe than sorry! The first step to bottle cutting is

Lace Tree on Burlap - Christmas in July!

  This post may contain affiliate links. Have you seen these burlap canvases at the dollar store yet?  On a recent visit (before my knee surgery) I spied these in 2 sizes, so I grabbed one in each size.  Having no idea what I would do with them didn't stop me since I had a feeling they may be 'snapped up' quickly! Welcome to the  Creative Craft Hop  hosted by Donna from Modern on Monticello .   If you just came from Allyson @ Southern Sunflowers ,   welcome to the Cottage!  At the bottom of this post I'll direct you to the next stop on this hop, but be sure to visit all of the other stops too for some amazing inspiration. They will all be listed. Now, let's get back to the story...The cashier took one look at those burlap canvases and said, "I didn't even know we had these!  Wouldn't they be great for embroidery?" Yes, they certainly would, but I already had another idea starting to form in my brain! Embroidery really isn't my strong suit, but

This & That July 2023

This post may contain affiliate links. Since my last 'This and That' post in April, there have been a few developments at the Cottage.   The biggest news is my knee surgery - finally!  I've been suffering with knee pain for about two years. A year and a half ago saw an orthopedic surgeon who recommended physical therapy.    The result? My pain got worse! From there, I had an MRI and we tried 3 different injections, each of which only lasted a few months at best.   And then I was informed my doctor had left the area.   Seriously?   I went to a new surgeon who looked at my MRI and took some new x-rays.  His response?  "You have tears in the meniscus.  Let's fix them!"  Hallelujah!   Surgery was July 3rd and it went well. He did find additional damage that was make the meniscus move 'funny'.  Because of that extra repair, movement of the knee joint is going to be limited for 6 weeks and I'm OK with that.  I'm just looking forward to being able to