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Spring Nest

We are finally seeing some signs of Spring around here.  The temperature is rising and the snow is melting.  I didn't get any bulbs planted last Fall so I'm not seeing tulips popping through the mulch, but, there's always next year, right? I decided we needed a little bit of Spring inside, so I grabbed a few things and created this: I found these eggs at the Dollar Store last year.   I gave them a couple of coats of chalk paint that was leftover from a previous project. An old toothbrush and some brown craft paint was used to create the speckles: Once they were dry, I put some spanish moss in a bowl and arranged the eggs.   Done!   The easiest project ever and it didn't cost me a cent. How's Spring coming along in your neck of the woods? Featured at: Celebrate Your Story

Dressing Table Makeover

Things are starting to get back to normal around here.  After a long bout with vertigo, followed by a virus, this gal is ready to get back to her projects.  I'm waaay behind, but I've been meaning to share this project for a while, so grab your favorite beverage and settle-in for this makeover. Last August my husband asked me what I wanted to do for my birthday.  My answer?  Go to the ReStore!  We weren't in the door for 2 minutes when I spotted this dressing table - something I've always wanted!   Happy Birthday to Me.....everything was there:  the wheels, hardware, the mirror, and it wasn't in bad shape at all.  It came home with me and the makeover began.  The mirror didn't need any work at all, even the silver was good.   A bit of cleaning with Murphy's Oil Soap and it was done. I fell in love with the details: The mirror took about 15 minutes to be done, so I set it aside and got to work on the rest.   The top had some damage:

Swan Planter - Ten on the 10th

It's time, once again for Ten on the 10th.  The month sure went by quickly, sadly, winter didn't go with it.  The temperatures are still freezing and there's snow everywhere, but, hey, the theme is Spring so let's get on with it! I found this swan planter a couple of months ago in the thrift store.  Since it was the dead of winter and the price tag said $3 it came home with me.  I needed a glimpse of Spring. The easiest way to remake this piece was spray paint.  I taped-up the eye and the bill and got to work. After a couple of coats of paint, this ugly duckling was transformed into a beautiful swan.   I had a wonderful plan for a plant, but, as plans often do, it went, shall we say, a bit 'awry'. I had been in Walmart a couple of weeks ago and saw the leftover tulips from Valentine's Day in the garden department.  I was going to pick up a few, since they were a beautiful color and still in good shape, but, I decided to wait figuring I could pi