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Making a Witch Broom

It's almost October and that means decorating for Halloween around here.  I've been working on an idea and I decided it was time to get started on it before I procrastinated for too long and Halloween was over!   The best thing about this project is it's totally FREE, that's right, I didn't have to spend a dime!  The first thing I had to do was take a walk and use my clippers to cut some tall weeds and small branches.  Here's what I collected: The weeds:   T he small branches: I left my foot in the picture to help show the size of these branches. I grabbed some of the weeds and started placing them around one end of the branch.  It's only fair to tell you, I thought hot glue would help keep them in place - WRONG!  The glue did not stick, and in all honesty, everything stayed in place just fine without it. Here's another look at this step: Then I started wrapping twine around them: When it looked like enough twine and everythi

How to Make a Windchime...With Keys

Fall is upon us.  I'm convinced, since I could hear the dry leaves rustling as they blew down the street yesterday - even though the temperature was in the high 80s and it was humid!   In spite of that, the project list is growing and I wanted to share this quick and easy one before I got tied-up with the bigger ones. I found some old keys and embroidery hoops at the flea market and immediately thought, "Windchime"! This is a very easy project.  You need keys, a small embroidery hoop, a pen, fishing line, and a lit candle. I started by deciding how to space the keys (I used 10) around the hoop and marked each spot with a dot from a pen.  I drilled the holes, sanded any rough edges, and was ready for the next step. I cut a length of fishing line and tied it to each key.  I melted the end in the candle flame to keep the knot from slipping - an old trick that my Dad taught me! Then, the other end of the fishing line was threaded through a hole drilled in

Raise Your Hand...

...if this is you: Having some fun on this beautiful Friday.  I hope you'll leave a comment and share this post if this is something you do!  Please take a look around this little blog, the Cottage loves visitors and new friends! So glad you stopped by - have a great weekend and may you find something awesome on the side of the road! Linking to: Pinbellish Shabbilicious Friday Craft Frenzy Friday