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'Firecrackers' From Essential Oil Tubes

  This post may contain affiliate links. If you use essential oils in your home, you may have some of these shipping tubes: They're very sturdy and it seemed a shame to throw them away, so I decided to turn some into firecrackers. Welcome to the  Creative Craft Hop  hosted by Sara from  Birdz of a Feather .   If you just came from Gail @ Purple Hues & Me ,   welcome to the Cottage!  At the bottom of this post I'll direct you to the next stop on this hop, but be sure to visit all of the other stops too for some amazing inspiration. They will all be listed. Now, let me tell you how I made my firecrackers... First, I got out my trusty hacksaw and cut 3 of them to the sizes I wanted. I knew they would need tops so I cut a few circles from chipboard on my Cricut Maker. Because we all know I can't measure (wink-wink) I 'eye-balled' the centers and made a mark with pencil.  This way I could punch holes with my Big Bite . This star fabric was cut into small pieces. A li

The Only Yard Sale Guide You'll Ever Need

This post may contain affiliate links. I created this post last year and I've brought it back again with updates.  Happy Reading!  Yes, it's that time of year again.  Yard Sale, Estate Sale, and Flea Market season is upon us and, if you're like me, you can't wait to start searching for treasures!  In my area many towns have a 'Community Wide' yard sale where you can spend the better part of the day shopping.  That is why I've collated this list of items that every Yard-Saler (that's a word, right?) should have at their fingertips.     Here's my list: Money.   That's right, cold, hard cash.  No checks (does anyone use those anymore?).  Unless you're shopping for something big, keep the bills small - singles, 5's, 10's and don't forget the quarters either.  You can still pick up smalls for a quarter or 50¢!   T he people running the sales have change, but they don't want to give it all up first thing in the morning, so don't