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Bird Cages and Candles

  This post may contain affiliate links. I am long overdue in sharing my birdcages.  There are only two, but I always have an eye out for a new one (or two) since I love decorating with them.  It's a quick post, since I injured my back and sitting at the computer is painful - but more on that later..... There's just something about candles on a winter night.  This birdcage has been in our home for over 10 years.  For the longest time, it housed faux birds and everyone who came into the house thought they were real.   As you can see, the most recent inhabitant is a set of candles.   They are flameless and are controlled with a remote.  I love the fact that they are real wax and the flames are very realistic.   My other birdcage was the result of an upcycled Ashtray Stand.   One of my favorite projects. Here it is decorated for winter: A few pinecones and some faux greens are a nice transition from the holidays to winter. Here's a quick video of it last Fall: Love a flickerin

Faux Tile Heart

This post may contain affiliate links. We've all seen them.  The faux tiles at the dollar store.  Over the holidays I saw so many cut into the shape of a Christmas tree, but my thoughts moved ahead to Valentine's Day sooo, here we go! These faux tiles have an adhesive back and since they are pretty thin, I cut a heart from chipboard , using my Maker , to give it more stability.   It was placed on the back (the adhesive side) of the tile. Using an craft knife on a cutting mat , the heart was cut out. Easy peasy, right?  WRONG!  When I turned it over I discovered the adhesive sheet wasn't stuck to the back of the tile! WHAT? Here's a little PSA.  The adhesive backing only sticks to the outside edge of the tile.  Once you cut a shape (that doesn't include an edge) your tile has gone 'free-range'!  Take another look: The other side of the adhesive sheet was definitely sticking to the chipboard, though. On to Plan B: Peel the adhesive sheet off the chipboard. It