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Summer Ice Cream Cone - From a Witch Hat!

  I'm back with one last project created from a Dollar Tree witch hat frame.  You may remember the original Witch's Hat  and the Spring Carrot , but now it's Summer and that means Ice Cream!  This project started out just like the others, with a witch hat frame from the dollar store. I snipped the brim and folded it down to create the shape I needed. After reinforcing the edges with masking tape, I traced the shape/texture of the 'cone' with chalk and a ruler on some burlap. Then the lines were painted with craft paint. Since the chalk gives you a thicker line, the paint lines weren't 'exact'. after brushing off the chalk, the burlap was glued to the frame. I used three bunches of geraniums from the craft store to create the 'ice cream'. The leaves were removed and set aside for use in some future project. I haven't figured out what that project is yet, so if you have any ideas, shout them out in the comments! This is where the 'learning

Patriotic Rosie

  Hello Again!  Have you missed me?  I haven't had my own post since we moved and it's already June!  I'm feeling a bit neglected (so what else is new?), so let's shop for a new outfit....   I've decided to celebrate the summer holidays with an outfit in red, white, and blue but trying to borrow Ann's denim dress was met with a stern, "No!"  Honestly, sometimes I just don't know how she expects me to put together an outfit.... So, I started with a basic white top and skirt.  Borrrrring...  until I added a red belt! The denim jacket was added to give my outfit the 'blue'.  Ann didn't complain too much about the jacket.  My guess is, if she wants to wear it, she'll just take it off of me and head out the door.   Have I mentioned I get no respect around here.....?? I wanted to take the flying pig pin off, but that subject was NOT up for discussion... Again, NO respect! (Insert heavy sigh) I DID manage to wrangle this necklace, though!

Updating a Thrift Store Plaque

This little plaque   was sitting on a thrift store shelf with a price tag of $2.  I could see it was solid wood, but that cute little bear was straight out of the 80's.   It came home with me and sat.... in the closet... waiting patiently... for 2 years!    I came across it again, took it outside and gave it a good coat of Citristrip.  Once it was cleaned off and sanded it went back into the closet.... for another 2 years!    Go ahead, call me a Procrastinator.  I can take it!   Welcome to  The Sustainable Pinterest  Challenge , a group of bloggers who are challenged to recreate a pin from Pinterest focused on sustainability. Many thanks to  Julie from Sum of Their Stories  &  Gail from Purple Hues and Me  for hosting.   The theme for this month is 'Thrift Store' and I was inspired by this pin because of the shape. I honestly started with a  completely different plan for this sign so let's just say this project has been a 'Journey'. There it was.  Cleaned