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Wine Cork Wreath

Just a note...I promised to share the wreath and picture in a previous post.  Here they are: Now, if you're anything like me, you've been saving wine corks for forever because there is a fabulous project that you will just HAVE to make with them.  The problem is, you haven't found it yet! Have no fear, your project is here! To get started, you will need lots of these: How many, you ask?  I estimate that I used between 200 and 250 corks.  You will also need a straw wreath, like this: Don't forget to remove the plastic! This next step is extremely important! Wrap some wire around the wreath and make a loop for hanging.  There is nothing worse than getting your wreath all done and then say to yourself, "Hmmm, how the heck do I hang this thing!?! Now you're ready to get started.  Be sure to cover your work surface to protect it.  I used a lovely old vinyl tablecloth that I had laying around.  You know the one - you

The $15 Dresser

This post may contain affiliate links. I'm back to share the other dresser that cost $15.  If you missed the background story, click HERE . When I saw the bird's eye maple and curvy drawers online, I knew I had to have this piece of furniture. Once I got my hands on it, despite the damaged drawer, it was in pretty good shape.  There was a little damage to the top, but most of it was repairable. Here's a closer look: There were a few cigarette burns and some general damage/wear on the top. Using my orbital sander and 220 grit sandpaper , I managed to remove the damage without going through the birdseye maple veneer. There was still a 'hint' of this one burn mark, but not enough to warrant painting over the wood.  I gave the top 3 coats of tung oil and was pleased with the result. The top drawer was another story.  It had significant damage. The only way to deal with that much damage was bondo and paint.  Since it was fall and getting co

Break Out Those Wine Corks!

You've been self-isolating, drinking some wine, and saving the corks for a project.  But, before you think I'm accusing you of drinking too much, we both know that every wine-drinker has a stash of corks somewhere in their house.  It's time to dig them out and finally DO something with them.   Welcome back to 10 on the 10th , a group of bloggers sharing ideas and inspiration for less than $10.  This month we're sharing Tips While Social Distancing and we've got some great ideas for you.  Let's get started..... First, find those corks.  They're probably hiding in drawers or a cabinet...maybe in a box or bag.  You can find them. I have faith in you!  My first project is an easy one.  All you need is a hot glue gun, a can, and your corks.  This jade plant has been living in an aluminum can ever since I cut it away from the original plant.  It's doing quite well, but, let's face it, this container is not very pretty.   I chose my corks from

Carrots for Spring

It's important to say that I don't do much decorating for Spring.  I thought about looking for some bunnies in the thrift stores, but we all know what happened to that plan.  In the meantime, I thought some carrots might be cute, so I made a pattern and cut it out of some pallet wood that's been laying in the basement. I cut two and gave them a good sanding. They needed a good sanding too!  You may notice two jigsaw blades in upper right corner of the picture.  They were used blades and were not as sharp as they should have been.  These two carrots were their last cuts. After sanding, the carrots were painted with acrylic paint. Two coats of clear and they were almost done. I found some pretty green ribbon to dress them up. One went in my china cabinet with this cute little chick: The other one went on top with my bear/bunny: And that is the extent of my decorating for Spring/Easter.  I guess I should try a little harder next year.....maybe by