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Jewelry Organizer Revisited

Today we're taking a look back at a project I completed last year.   This jewelry organizer started out as a key rack: Anyone remember these? The full story can be found HERE .   This was an easy makeover and I'm pretty sure you'll be on the look-out for an old key rack now! Have a wonderful week, my friends - be sure to share, pin, and comment...I LOVE comments! Featured at: Party In Your PJs Linking to: Snickerdoodle Sunday Happiness is Homemade Small Victories Sunday DIY - Pleasure of the Northwest That DIY Party Inspire Me Monday Amaze Me Monday Over the Moon Merry Monday Motivational Monday Inspire Me Tuesday Dishing It & Digging It Make It Pretty Monday Two Uses Tuesday Party InYour PJs Creative Spark Home & Garden Thursday Idea Box Shabbilicious Friday Handmade Hangout Sweet Inspiration Friday Favorites Best of the Weekend Saturday Shuffle

New Craft Cabinet

I'm in the process of moving my Craft Room from the basement to the spare bedroom.  In addition, I'm downsizing and purging the "stuff" I really don't need or use anymore.  It's quite a task! In order to help with the process I bought an unfinished cabinet to store the "stuff" I want to keep.  Naturally I remembered to take a 'before' picture when I got to this part: Yep, doors, drawers, & hardware, all removed!  What can I say? So, I found a pic online: I used that beautiful Peacock chalk paint that I talked about in The Ugly Duckling post . Since this cabinet was bare wood, I read that it should be given a coat of shellac or primer.  Since there was no shellac in the house, I used primer, which raised the grain of the wood.  For a brief moment, I thought about sanding it with 220, but decided against it. This is chalk paint, after all! Two coats of Peacock Chalk Paint and the color was gorgeous. There were

Ugly Duckling-Swan Story

I'm back again with a little cabinet that was hiding in the corner of the basement.  It was painted a pink/beige color and was pretty dingy.  I loved the fact that it was solid wood, the rest of it?  Not so much!  The top was yellow with a nifty green edging.  Quite the choice for a pink cabinet, don't you think? Guess what came off first.  I used a screwdriver and a hammer - gone in no time at all! Next, the drawer knobs came off and the entire cabinet was scuffed with some 220 on my palm sander.   The cabinet was painted with chalk paint in Peacock, distressed, and waxed. Once again,  this paint was purchased in my local discount store for under $5.   Now I had to deal with the top.  I cut pallet wood to fit, sanded, dry-brushed some white paint, and stained it to give it a rustic look. I attached it with Liquid Nails and left it to dry overnight. Then I had to addresss the unfinished edge.  After removing the edging, I was left with this: So I

Easiest Chair Makeover Ever!

Meet the Sahara Chair.  I bought it in 2011 when the Sahara Hotel & Casino closed in Las Vegas.  I really wanted a piece of The Sahara and this chair was it.   I absolutely LOVE this chair - yes, as I told you in the previous post, I never met a chair I didn't like , but this one is special.  I love the shape and it's from The Sahara!   Unfortunately, the seat was badly stained, and I never got around to cleaning it - until now.  The goal was to keep the chair original and not have to recover it.  So, the seat was removed ( 8 screws), many staples pulled, and the fabric was removed.  The cushion and webbing were in great shape, so the only challenge was getting the stains out of the fabric. I filled a basin with warm, soapy water and let it soak.  Let me just say the water was disgusting!  Then I soaked it again with a little bleach added.  The fabric was allowed to drip dry and then went through a washing machine cycle.   Here's the result: Stains g