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NYE - 2020 Style!

  It's been a year.  Everything is weird, including the holidays, and that will include New Year's Eve.  Have no fear, I have a solution!  Tell me what you think...... I  grabbed a plastic container and a package of iridescent shreds   from the dollar store. Then  I bought a small bottle of champagne  and put some Hershey's Kisses in a cello bag with a cute tag.  I was practically done!    The whole thing needed a little sign, so one was designed and cut from cardstock on my Cricut.  I added sparkly embossing powder:  Tapped off t he excess  and heated it with my heat gun: The black hat was glued on and the entire thing was attached to a wooden skewer painted white. Everything was arranged in the container and it was done.  Now, there are other things that could be added: a noisemaker, champagne glass, NYE Hat, etc.  When I went looking, those things were not out on store shelves.  Since the Covid numbers have been rising around here, I wasn't going out again in search

Rosie is an Angel

  If you know anything about Rosie, you are definitely thinking that this title is a mistake.  Rosie, my Sassy Dress Form is decked out for the holidays as an angel and it's mostly because I found this fabulous set of wings at an estate sale this year.   As soon as I saw them I knew what her Christmas look would be!  In these days of climbing Covid numbers, I had no desire to go out shopping for her outfit so I did the next best thing, I shopped my house! A white t-shirt and some of those pretty slips from another  estate sale gave her the perfect base. The outfit was looking pretty plain and we all know Rosie will not stand for 'plain' so I dug out some lace panels, also found at an estate sale. After some wrapping, draping, pinning, and, of course adding the wings, I had a look that made me happy.   Rosie had a few thoughts.....Yes, she was outraged that she was dressed in curtain panels.  After reminding her there was a pandemic and I wasn't going shopping, she sti