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Happy Holidays

  It's that time of the year when I take a break from blogging and just enjoy the season, so I sign-off for the year with a few photos... The ' candles ' are lit. It was actually warm enough for a visit to the pond. And Rosie is ready for her holiday parties... ...complete with pearls. If you missed my holiday projects this year: I made a Pom Pom Wreath . This Jewelry Tree was a hit. I displayed my Shiny Brite ornaments - safely!  Wishing you and yours the happiest of holiday seasons.   I'll be back in January sharing new DIY projects you won't want to miss!  See you in 2024!

How to Display Shiny Brite Ornaments Safely

  Raise your hand if you have vintage/Shiny Brite ornaments and you struggle with displaying them.   Just as I thought!  You want them displayed and seen by everyone but the thought of them breaking...well....breaks your heart! Let's look at the options:   Putting them on the tree.   Not a great idea, especially if you have children or pets.   Displaying them in a pretty bowl.   Again not a good idea  if you have children or pets....or Cousin Eddie comes over, bumps into the table they are on and sends the bowl flying. Neither option works, so h ow about a glass jar like this one I found at a yard sale last summer?  Let me show you what I did! This is what you'll need (besides your Shiny Brites):   Poly-fill   Quilt Batting   Fairy Lights Glass Jar  Mine was found at a yard sale but this one is very similar This post may contain affiliate links.  Start by placing a string of fairy lights in the bottom of the jar. Add some poly-fill to the jar and start placing your ornaments.