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If A Tree Falls...

Let me just start with ... Everybody heard it!  

It was time to remove a couple of trees at the cottage.

Take a look at that giant on the left.  That, my friends, is a Linden tree.  Now, you're probably saying, "What a beautiful tree!  All that shade ... homes for birds, etc..."  The truth?  It's a menace!!  It drops little seed clusters constantly and then there's the sap.  EVERYTHING under this tree is sticky.  (Notice the proximity to the driveway?  Can we talk about the car that gets parked under the tree?) The sap also attracts flies, bees, and ants.  It had to go!

We also had another tree on the hit list.  Look here:
See the small one on the front corner?  That one is a Choke Cherry Tree.  Branches were on the roof, making a perfect runway for the squirrels, it had a blight, and dropped choke cherries everywhere!  Granted, it looks pretty when it blooms in the spring, but that only lasts a week!  Bye-bye!

Soooo, Off With Their Heads,,  I mean, Enter the Tree Removal Company:

It took  2 1/2 hours, 3 men, a bucket truck, and a chipper.  The trees were gone.  It was an amazing process to witness.  Here are some highlights:
Look carefully, half of the tree is gone.  It's a little difficult to see, since my neighbor's maple tree is in the background.

Here's the chipper hard at work:




The Choke Cherry Tree came down too, but that wasn't nearly as dramatic as the Linden tree.  I'm still amazed that it only took 2 1/2 hours!  Here's an "After" pic:

We've got some landscaping to do now.  Tree removal was the first step in the process. With Fall already here and Winter on the horizon, I'm thinking I've got some time to plan.  Several ideas are spinning in my head.  If you have any ideas, by all means, shout them out.  I'm always open to new ideas!


  1. Such fun, watching a big tree come down. If I ever get a blog, I'll post photos of my tree removal. It's so sad to drop a tree, but I don't blame you for taking out those planted too close to he house and messing up your car/yard. My huge spruces made my house dark as a cave. I miss the birds but not the dark.
    I can recommend blooming dogwoods for the front yard. Pink 'Cherokee' has lovely bloom for about 10 days a year and the tree itself turns into a winter sculpture as it ages.

    1. Thanks, Marje! I will look into those dogwoods. They sound beautiful!

  2. Dogwoods are beautiful, so are Redbuds. Redbuds have large heart shaped leaves. How nice to be able to have a clean pallete to start out with. Now is a great time to plant Spring bulbs!

    1. I've been thinking about bulbs, Melissa...but we've had rain all week!


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