This & That Spring 2020

Spring is starting to tease us around here.  The snow has melted and we've had a few days with warmer temperatures.  The other day I actually sat on the back porch in shirtsleeves and read my book.  Today, I wore my winter coat.  Spring is fickle like that!
In spite of it all, it's time for a little 'this & that' so let's get started.
Let's rewind to Christmas. I wanted to give my husband something handmade.  Since he's a guitar player and he also builds electric guitars, I decided it was time for me to build one from reclaimed wood. I grabbed one of his guitars when he wasn't around and traced it for a pattern.  Several pieces of pallet wood were pulled out and rearranged until I had the look I wanted.  A little work with the jigsaw and I ended up with this:
Here's a close-up of the headstock:
Because it was the dead of winter, I was not able to put a finish on can only do so much 'stinky stuff' inside!  He loves it just the way it is, so the most it will get is a coat of clear sealer. We'll see if it gets hung on the wall or stays leaning - it's his choice!

January rolled around and a friend gave me some wood.  They were old painted shelves that were leaning on the wall in her store room.  She picked them up, handed them to me, and said, "I know you can do something with these!"  I suggested gift boxes and she told me to do it.  
Down to the basement I went for an afternoon.  There was a little measuring, cutting, sanding, gluing, and nailing.  After all of that, I had four boxes:
Since they had some paint on them, I painted the unfinished edges so the color would be even for decoupage.  Each box got a different look:
Peacocks and Flowers
Roses, hydrangeas, and tulips.
This one should be filled with wine and cheese.
For the Sewing Room.  
This one was from a vintage sewing pattern.  Remember that Estate Sale?

We also had Spring tease us in January with a 60 degree day.  I took a walk around the gardens and spied this:
I posted it on Instagram and facebook and many friends were hoping it was a money tree.  Alas, there was no more money and no tree and my only hope of being a millionaire is the lottery, and let's face it, the odds are pretty slim!  

February arrived and I was scanning the Marketplace.  A woman posted: "Old desks.  Free.  Moving and they need to go."  There was no picture, but I messaged her immediately, because, hey, you never know!  
I waited a bit, but she didn't get back to me.  I was on my way out to meet my friend (yes, the one who's as crazy as me about yard/estate sales and free stuff), and as soon as I got to her, the woman messaged me back.  She didn't know how to post a picture, but gave me her address.  
I told her I'd be there in 15 minutes.  We hopped in the car and came back with these:
  Yes, 2 of them for FREE!
Let me show you a better picture in daylight:
Yes, that's me and I might have been doing a happy dance!
Here's a little of the detail:
My friend is storing them for me until the weather warms up enough to work on them.  
In the meantime, I have several other projects to keep me busy so be sure to stop back to see what else I've been doing.
Have a great week everyone.  Stay warm, stay safe, and stay healthy!

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    1. I couldn't believe it when I got there and saw them. This was a 'right place, right time' situation.
      Thanks for stopping by!

  2. I love all your "this and that!" Very unique guitar, great idea for gift boxes, and those desks are a wow. #happinessishomemade

    1. Thank you so much, Allyson. I definitely have some interesting experiences with marketplace and yard/estate sales!

  3. Congratulations! Your post was my feature pick at #OverTheMoon this week. Each Hostess displays their own features so be sure to visit me on Sunday evening and to see your feature! I invite you to leave more links to be shared and commented upon. Please don’t forget to add your link numbers or post title so we can be sure to visit!

    1. Thank you, Marilyn. I always look forward to your link party!


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