Happy Valentine's Day from Rosie

Hellooooo!  Rosie here - Yes, I hijacked the blog from Ann today to show you my new outfit.  
The last time I was here it was Christmas time and I'm sure you remember that evergreen skirt.  
Can I tell you what a mess that made???  The floor was covered with pine needles and I was left standing there with bare branches from the waist-down.  
No, I will NOT show you a picture.  
It was too embarrassing.  
Since I was between outfits, I insisted she cover me up, so I got her DIY shirt wrapped around me and, honestly, I really 'rocked' the look, don't you think?  
Move over Rosie the Riveter.  This is Rosie the DIY Gal!

My hat really 'polished the look' because......'Rhinestones'!
But, I digress....The holidays were over and Valentine's Day was fast approaching.  I felt that the top of the Christmas outfit could still work with that gorgeous velvet ribbon, but I needed something for the bottom half.  I went digging in the stash from that estate sale and found a white skirt.  I knew Lynn wouldn't let me down!  Ann insisted it was a slip, but did you see this beautiful eyelet edging? Who would hide that on a slip??  Not this girl!  
Next, the hat.  This one was on the closet shelf and calling my name.
I love how it looks against the burlap and that chunky necklace.
Just a few subtle changes and I am now ready for Valentine's Day!
Have you picked out your Valentine's Day outfit yet?

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  1. She's so pretty dressed for Valentine's day! I think that's a skirt too. Who would put eyelet on a slip?


    1. Thank you....and eyelet definitely belongs on skirts!

  2. I just love that belt!! Looking fabulous indeed!

    1. Thank you, Kim. Rosie is such a fashionista! lol

  3. Love the colour of the hat against the rest.

    1. Thank you, so do I. I love bright colors in the middle of winter!

  4. I remember those underskirts. We wore them just a little longer than another skirt so they showed just below.


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