This & That - Winter 2024

 We are almost through the month of February and I keep telling myself Spring will be here soon.  As you already know, Winter is not my favorite season.  I love to be outdoors but the cold and I do not get along.  Therefore, I have to find things to keep me occupied indoors.  

So what have I been up to?  Read on...

There was a bit of thrifting in January.  I don't have as much luck in thrift stores as I do with yard sales, but I did find this pretty five finger vase for $7.  
Silk flowers included. 

My other find was from Marketplace and was free - my favorite word!
The ad was just for the wine corks but when I got there, the woman included some ribbon, dowels, pipe cleaners and clothespins.  Definitely the 'Deal of the Day'!  Now I really need to get started on my next wine cork project!

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The recovery from my knee surgery continues.  You can read about the surgery HERE.  There was extra work to be done on the knee once the surgeon got in there and my recovery has been slower than expected.  In December, I went back to see him since climbing stairs is still painful.  Long story short - my quadriceps in that leg became weak from babying the knee on stairs for so long.  Because of that weakness, the pain presents itself in the knee.  Who knew??  
He told me to use an exercise bike, keep increasing the tension and pretty much guaranteed my pain would go away.  So, I went shopping and bought this Under Desk Bike.  After using it for about a month, I can honestly say the pain is improving - Well worth the investment!  
I bought myself some new sneakers (they're SO comfortable!) since my husband and I have also been walking at the mall.  It's warmer there!

I did share a few new projects.  There was the Vintage Swing Frame and the Upcycled Enamel Pot Lid.  The Upcycled Candle Jar came out lovely, and then there was the Cookie Decorating.  If you need a good laugh, have a look at my cookies.  I have a whole new respect for cookie decorators.  It is not easy, but I continue to practice.  No one can call me a quitter! 

Every week, I join a group of ladies for Fiber Arts.  The group has grown and involves wool applique, felt, embroidery, knitting, and crochet.  I finished this poinsettia pillow:
This is all done in wool.  I bought the black and the green.  The solid red was a donation to the group and the red plaid was given to me.  I have enough of everything to make one more so I'll have a matched set...I might even finish it by next Christmas!
I'm also working on a bunny project:
That will be a post for another day.  

We have some 50 degree days predicted for this week.  I have a feeling Spring is teasing us but I'll take any warmer days I can get.  

How about you?

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  1. Never have seen a five finger vase and enjoyed reading this post. saw it at Wonderful-Wednesday-blog-hop-fun! My shares this time are #87 through 90. Enjoy. Nancy Andres @ Colors 4 Health.

    1. Then I'm happy to have shared it with you, Nancy. I'm so glad you stopped by!

  2. The vase is gorgeous, Ann, that was quite the find and a so pretty to look at on a gray winter day. Love your pillow and bunnies, too. I can't wait to see that project! I hope you are having a warm and sunny day.

    1. I was so thrilled to find it since I rarely have luck in thrift stores, Kim and the fiber arts projects really are great for the winter months. No warmth today but the forecast looks promising!

  3. Ann,
    Love that 5 finger vase!! What a treasure!! Thanks so much for stopping by!!

    1. Thank you, Debbie. I was pretty excited about it!

  4. We have been having unusually warmer temps recently. I am not mad about it, but I am also wondering what will happen later... your pillow looks great Ann! So cute. I am betting you have a lot of fun in your class and learning new techniques can be so much fun.

    1. I agree this is not normal weather! I just got out the pattern to start cutting the pieces for another pillow. I really think I need a matched set!

  5. The poinsettia pillow is gorgeous! I really enjoyed your post and hope that your knee is feeling better and better.

    1. Thank you so much, Debbie. I'm seriously working on the knee!


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