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Moving Tips: The Top 10 Countdown

We moved.  
It's all here...somewhere.  
We LOVE the new Cottage.  
Let's talk about Moving...
You've heard all kinds of advice, but it's time to narrow it down.  Let's get started with the countdown...

#10 - Purge
Do it now.  Why move it if you're going to get rid of it anyway?  Go through everything - clothes, dishes, small appliances - if you're not using it, it goes!  Throw it out, donate it, sell it.  Trust me, it will be fewer boxes to pack and move.

#9 - Reuse Boxes/Totes
There are free boxes everywhere!  You know that tote-full of clothes you just purged?  You now have an empty tote! You're welcome!  Check with liquor stores, grocery stores, and schools - those copy paper boxes are great!  Craigslist is another great source for boxes, sometimes free or a low price.  Just be sure to use plenty of tape,  No one wants a box breaking open while they're carrying it!

#8 - Label, label, label!
Label the tops and all the sides.  Trust me, if you only label the top, the boxes will be stacked and you won't see the labels.  If you only label one side, I guarantee that box will be set down with the label facing the wall...not that I'm speaking from personal experience, or anything!  😉

#7 - Use Your Luggage
Easy-peasy...think of each suitcase as an extra box!

#6 - Trash Bags
I wouldn't use them for my dishes (there is a funny story about this, if enough people ask, I'll share it), but, for linens, absolutely!  Especially for the sheets and blankets you stripped off the bed right before the movers got there!

#5 - Utilities
About a week before the move, you should contact the power company, cable company, etc.  You want everything turned off in your old place, and more importantly, turned ON in the new one.  Also, don't forget to file a 'change of address' form with the post office.

#4 - Food
This is one of those 'plan-ahead' items.  I actually made Chicken Tortilla Soup in the crockpot for our first night. It's a simple recipe and I don't think I've shared it on the blog yet, but, I promise I will soon!
Ordering a pizza or subs is also a great option! You should also have plenty of water available.  Moving is hard work!

Now for the Top 3 Tips:

#3 - Hire Movers
I know what you're thinking....I have friends who have trucks and owe me a favor.  That's great if you are 20 and don't have a lot of stuff.  If that isn't you, trust me...HIRE MOVERS.  They are worth every penny, especially when someone has to carry that heavy antique dresser up the stairs!

#2 - Have an "OPEN FIRST" Box
This is a box that all of those essentials.  
Essentials, you say?  Here's my list:  a change of clothes, towels, sheets, toiletries, coffee maker (that includes filters and coffee), cups, plates, cutlery ( a set for each person) - these can be disposable, bottle of wine and a corkscrew.
Corkscrew?  You know you're going to want a glass of wine after moving all day.  I made this mistake ONCE!  We went to the store after the movers left and I bought a bottle of wine.  After getting home I realized I had NO idea where the corkscrew was packed.  UGH! 
What's a girl to do?  Walk over to a neighbor, knock on the door, introduce yourself and ask to borrow their corkscrew!  True can ask my kids.  LOL   It's also nice to offer the neighbor a glass of wine too!  Even better...pack your own in the OPEN FIRST box! 

#1 - Make the Bed
Now, I know this sounds like a no-brainer, but, trust me.  Make that bed right after the movers leave.  There is nothing worse than moving, arranging, and unpacking all day, then heading to your bedroom exhausted, wanting to fall into bed, and there it is...your box spring and mattress - naked!  It's so nice to just crawl into an an already-made bed.

There you have it, my Top 10 Moving Tips.  The only other thing I would add is not to worry about unpacking everything right away.  Give yourself some time.  Believe me, I've already rearranged the kitchen cabinets and the linen closet is still a disaster area!  

Thank you so much for stopping by.  Come back soon, I'm already working on some projects to share with you. Have a great week!

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  1. You know you have to share the funny story right?
    I have just one more top tip to add . I'm not sure if it translates from UK English and if you'll understand what I'm on about but here goes. Get some bin bags in a different colour to the normal black. I managed to get some green ones and put everyones bed linen into them. That way when you move in, are exhausted and need to make the beds quickly you can find the green bin bags easily.

    1. I know, I just might! Great tip and I totally understand what you mean...anthing to make moving easier!

  2. Wonderful information. Pinned. Thanks for sharing on To Grandma's House We Go!

  3. Such great tips, Ann! Thanks for sharing them at Vintage Charm!


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