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$2 Cabinet Makeover

The past two weeks have been a whirlwind.  We are all moved in, most of the boxes have been unpacked, and I've even had time to start a couple of projects.  If you follow me on Instagram, you've seen a couple of outside projects but, one of the first inside projects I tackled was giving our bathroom medicine cabinet a makeover.  
It wasn't a bad medicine cabinet, just a little 'blah'. It also wasn't real wood, so I knew that any moisture from jars, etc. would take a toll on the surfaces.  
To create this transformation, I went to the Dollar Store and bought two rolls of contact paper.  The first step was to remove the shelves and measure from the top of the cabinet all the way to the bottom shelf edge.  I wanted one, continuous piece.  
I'm sure you know the rule...measure twice, cut once?  Well, that never seems to work for me.  It ends up being 'measure twice, cut once, SWEAR, and try to fix it'!  I'm talented like that!  So, to avoid that problem, when I measured, I added a little swearing or fixing needed.  Whew!
From the top edge of the contact paper, I removed about an inch of the paper backing and stuck it to the top edge of the cabinet.  Do not unroll all of the backing right away, you will end up with it sticking to all the wrong me!
I carefully unrolled the backing while smoothing the contact paper with my hand all the way down the back and across the bottom of the cabinet.

I didn't want a seam at the back of the cabinet.  
If you remember, I cut the contact paper a little longer to avoid all that swearing and fixing, so I took a utility knife and trimmed the edge.
Since the contact paper wasn't wide enough for the cabinet, I repeated the same process with a small strip to finish the back and bottom edge.

Now it was time to tackle the shelves.  Once again, I measured and wrapped one continuous piece around each shelf. The little extra was tucked in on each end.
The shelves were placed back in the cabinet and the project was done!
Before you ask, let me explain why I didn't cover the sides...I didn't want to deal with the hinges.   There would be two options: cut around them or remove them and then have to put them back on.  I wasn't interested in either option and was confident that the important parts were covered.
The entire project took less than an hour and I think it's a much prettier medicine cabinet now, don't you?

To summarize the cost:  2 rolls of contact paper at $1 each.  
Total cost:  $2 + tax.  The best part is that I have some leftover for future projects...and we all know, there will be future projects!
Thank you for stopping by the Cottage.  Come back again soon, I have LOTS of projects to share with you.



  1. Beautiful! What pretty paper and you did a fabulous job...for a fabulous price!

    1. Thank you, Kim. I'm all about the fabulous price! ;)

  2. Such a great idea, love it!
    Thanks for sharing on To Grandma's House We Go!

  3. Ann,
    Love your cabinet makeover. That paper is awesome. How is the new house coming.?
    Thanks for stopping by Over The Moon Party.

    1. Thank you, Bev. We are getting there...the boxes are just about gone and now it's time to organize and reorganize! Thanks for asking.

  4. I can not find pretty contact paper in Edmonton, Alberta I have been looking for ages. Where is a good on-line store?

    1. Dollar Tree has contact paper available online, but I'm not sure if they are available in Canada. Have you tried Amazon?

  5. Boy has contact paper come as long way. Thought you were going to say wallpaper. Super transformation. Have a super start to your week


    1. It sure has, Cindy - and you can't beat the price! Thanks for stopping by!

  6. I did the very same with a cheap book case at the lake house, even used the same contact paper. It has held up really well for several years. it sure improved your cabinet. Love these kinds of projects!!

    1. Thanks, Kathy! Glad to hear how well yours held up!


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