Easy Curtain Panel Hack

I'm so glad it's May. April has been a Weather Whirlwind.  Last week we started out with a warm, sunny day followed by a chilly rainy one. At one point it was pouring and 20 minutes later, it was snowing...I mean, R-E-A-L-L-Y snowing!!  It lasted most of the night and we woke up to a Winter Wonderland...in APRIL?????  It was at that point I told my husband we need a new place to live.  It needs to be warmer, have less Winter and more Spring & Summer.  I'd also like to avoid tornadoes, flooding, etc.  Please share your suggestions in the comments.  Really, I'm serious.  I've had it with Winter!  
With any luck, May will be kinder to us.

But, enough complaining.  We're healthy, staying in, eating well, and taking walks when the weather allows!  How are you? I truly hope you are all healthy and safe.

Now, let's talk about curtains.  I made these panels last year for the living room.  Since it faces north, it's the darkest room in the house. I wanted curtains and at the same time wanted to allow in as much light as possible.
I made the panels, hung them up, and they kept s l i d i n g to the middle.  I'd pull them back to each side of the rod and they immediately started sliding again, covering much of the window.
Then I had an idea...rubber bands!
I took down the rods, pulled them apart, and wound a rubber band on each side.  
The curtains went back up and the rubber bands were adjusted to where I wanted each panel to stop.  
Problem Solved!  
Easy fix, right?  Here's a side-by-side view:
The rubber bands keep the panels in place and I end up with more light in a very dark room.  Don't you wish all problems were this easy to solve?

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  1. It's amazing that one tiny object can make a big difference and solve a problem like yours. The rubber band!

    In an earlier email, you asked about where I like in southeastern NC. We still have seasons, and the winters can get quite cold. We don't have snow, but we can get a hurricane every once in awhile. The summers are scorchers! But, we love it here.

    Stay safe by social distancing and washing your hands and don't go out!

    1. Once I figured it out, I wondered why it took me so long! lol
      Thank you so much for the NC information. I truly appreciate it. No worries, we only go out when we have to and I've always been a big fan of hand-washing (former elementary teacher).
      Stay safe!

  2. Very good idea - love those simple solutions. :)

    Georgia is a great place to live - not in Atlanta (traffic!) and not directly north of the city (waaaay too expensive - and traffic) but northwest toward Lilburn, Snellville, Lawrenceville and on out.
    We love Chattanooga, TN and would live there if we had discovered it when we were younger but it's too cold for us now; not Yankee-land cold but too much for old folks like us.

    1. The curtains were making me crazy and I knew there had to be an easy way to fix it! Thank you so much for the information about Georgia. I had to laugh when you mentioned 'yankee-land cold'! Are you originally from a northern state?

    2. No, I was born in Atlanta and was raised in the city back when it was still a grown-up small town, safe and friendly. That was a long time ago.

      I love when I find a simple solution to a problem - and my husband is usually suitably impressed. ;)

  3. I made my Mom the same curtains for her living room! Rubber bands are a good idea!

    1. Really, Patti? The same fabric? Love it! The rubber bands work great, I just can't believe how long it took me to figure it out!

  4. Awesome hack, my daughter's curtains do the same thing. Can't wait to try it, thanks!

  5. Very good idea! My husband and I have used zip ties to hold curtains back. When they slide it makes me crazy.


    1. They were making be crazy too! Not any more....


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