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Laundry Detergent Dispenser Cover

Happy New Year and welcome back!  I hope your holidays were jolly and you're ready for a new year of projects, ideas, and fun! Did you make any resolutions? Eat less junk food?  Exercise more? Stop procrastinating?  Resolutions are not my thing, but, man, I have a 'to-do' list that's as long as my arm...and I'll be sharing all of it right here. 
Since it's a new year and everyone is energized to start some new projects and get organized, let me share my start on the laundry/powder room in my 128 year old house.  
We buy our laundry detergent in the large economy size and it has always sat on top of the washer and dryer (they're stacked) with the spigot hanging over the edge. The problem was it didn't look nice at all:
Time to get started on an easy fix for this eyesore.  I started out with a few simple items:
You may remember the contact paper from my medicine cabinet makeover. I also used these:
The first step was to measure the width of the spigot so a hole could be cut to accomodate it:
 I transferred that measurement to the box and drew my lines:
In the interest of full disclosure, this is where I made my first mistake.  I only drew (and cut) the opening big enough for the spigot.  In reality, I later had to cut all the way up so the spigot would stick out far enough to hang over the edge for use.  
Getting to work on that new, improved opening:

Once the opening was cut I placed a piece of contact paper over the end and wrapped it around the edges.
The opening looks a bit wonky here.  Trust me, in reality it's not.
I had a piece of contact paper large enough for the sides and top so I used one piece, starting on one side, and went over the top and down the other side, peeling the backing off as I went:
I used my fingers to smooth it and avoid any wrinkles:
That left the back to be covered,  I sliced the contact paper and wrapped it around the back:
The laundry detergent now had a cover!
When it's not being used, the container can be slid back a bit and is better disguised.
A quick, easy, and inexpensive solution...I just LOVE those!  
I know you're looking at that oak-framed mirror with the silk flowers above it.  No worries, getting this room out of the 80's is on that 'to-do' list I mentioned at the beginning of this post.  

I'm so glad you stopped by. Be sure to stop back next Tuesday, the 8th for Party In Your PJs and again on Thursday, the 10th for a new feature coming to the Cotttage.  

I hope you'll pin, share, comment, and follow.  If you click on those 3 little lines at the top right of the blog, you'll see where to find me...or click on 'share'. 


  1. Love it! We have that same big ugly container and I'm tired of looking at it. I need a cover, immediately! Great idea...

    1. Thanks, Kim. It was a quick and easy solution!

  2. Such a cute and great idea! Thanks so much for sharing.

  3. Love the idea to cover the box with contact paper and it makes your laundry detergent pretty now! Mine is in the basement, but a pretty box would be nice. Thanks for sharing at Merry Monday

    1. Thank you, Jenny. I love the fact that it was easy and inexpensive.

  4. I love this idea. Thanks for sharing on Sunday's Best.

  5. Such a fun idea, Ann! Thanks for sharing at Vintage Charm!


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