Spring Cleaning

I'm back!  If you remember my last post, I've been cutting back on computer time and my neck and shoulder are thanking me.  Not spending time on the computer has freed me up to work on some projects, though.  
My scrapbooking is in full swing and the lovely folks at Hometalk asked me to curate a board on Outdoor Cleaning.  It's Spring and if your house is anything like mine, there's plenty of outdoor clean-up to be done!
You may remember my fence post from last Fall:
Click on the pic to go to the post.

This post is included on the board, but it's only one of 18 tips to get your outdoor space ready for the warm weather.  Check it out:
Click on the graphic to go to the board.
Be sure to stop by to visit me at Hometalk.  I'm sure you will find at least one tip to use at your house!  

Thanks for stopping by the Cottage!


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