Black & Blue

Those are the colors I chose for the $10 bar stools I bought at the flea market.  Why those colors, you may ask?  
If you remember the little desk I repainted -you can find it HERE.  and the craft table - that is HERE, it was a perfect match.  
The craft table is high and my legs tend to get tired standing.  Yes, I am getting old!  We also have a bar - so they can do double-duty!

In my excitement to get this project started, I forgot to take 'before' pictures, but, here's a shot of the bottom of the seat:

They were bare wood - no finish to scuff, just dirt and cobwebs!

This was a very easy project - after cleaning the dirt and cobwebs -  tape and cover the seats, spray paint the legs, uncover the seats, paint with the same blue paint used on the little blue desk...DONE!

Now I can spend more time 'getting crafty'  without tired legs!  Since we are having a rainy week, I think that's exactly what I will be doing!

Thanks for stopping by the Cottage - have a wonderful week!


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