Witch's Hat

Halloween is almost here and I wanted to make something new, but didn't want to spend a lot of money.  While walking through the dollar store, I spied this witch's hat frame and knew I'd found my project!  
I still had fabric left over from my pumpkin project that would be perfect for this one, too!  If you missed the wire pumpkin, click HERE
A few more items were added and I was ready to create.
Here's what I used:  witch's hat wire frame, witch's 'legs', purple boa, black roses - all from the dollar store.  To that, I added the lace spider fabric and some bias tape.
The first step was to attach the lace fabric to the frame.  I used the same method used for the wire pumpkin - 'sewing'the thread through the fabric and around the wire. 
I did this all the way around the frame.
Next, I sewed the legs at the bottom of the hat.
There was no need to be neat since the stitching would be covered by the feather boa.  
But, as I looked at the edges of the hat, I thought they looked a little rough, so I covered them with bias tape attached with hot glue.
While the glue gun was out, the feather boa was attached to the brim of the hat.
The final step was to add a black rose to the top.
My project was done for less than $5.  I mentioned I didn't want to spend a lot, right? 
What have you made for Halloween?

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  1. This is ADORABLE! Love that it was made with dollar store finds.

    1. Thanks, Marie! The dollar store has so much these days.

  2. Ann,
    This is absolutely adorable!! Love it!! Thanks so much for stopping by!!

  3. Well, that is just darling and very creative! Your dollar store has way better stuff than mine. I've never seen anything like that frame there. You really transformed it into something very special!!

    1. Thank you, Kim. I was talking to the manager and different stores get different things. They never know what's coming off the truck!

  4. The hat is so cute. Thanks for sharing on Sunday's Best.

  5. You've really made a simple frame into something special.

  6. Ann,
    First the pumpkin and now the witches hat - so adorable. Congratulations, you are being featured at Over The Moon Party.

  7. Very cute! Thanks so much for sharing on Farm Fresh Tuesdays, Ann!


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