Back To School...For Teachers

It's September and at the risk of you thinking I'm a day (or weeks) starts around here after Labor Day. Time for my Back-To-School post...Teacher Style! 

Teachers deserve a 'little something' at the beginning of the year (just like the kids!), so if you're thinking of getting your child's teacher a little gift, let me offer some suggestions:
  • Ibuprofin -  Their feet and backs are already hurting.  
  • Hard candy or cough drops - Teachers talk all day long and by the end of the first day, their throats will know it!
  • Coffee, tea, water - See the suggestion above.
  • Granola bars, nuts, fruit - Chances are, they won't have time to eat by the time they get their students through the lunch line on the first day.  I used to consider myself lucky if I got to use the rest room!
  • Chocolate - Everyone needs chocolate!
  • Dinner - If you're really feeling ambitious, get together with some other parents and send them home with a ready-made dinner.  Or, you could all chip in for a gift card to the local pizza place.  Believe me, that teacher will love you forever!
If you never thought of getting your child's teacher a little gift at the beginning of the year, that's OK.  It's easy to forget all the things they do before the school year ever begins.  Things like, professional development classes, buying school supplies in July, setting up the classroom...and so much more.  The gift doesn't have to be extravagant or expensive, it's the thought behind it.
Yes, this is me, before I retired!  Another thing teachers do is dress up in crazy costumes.  I was 'The Paper Bag Princess' for Literacy Week one year (I was the Literacy Specialist).  I read this book to every class in our school during the week and dressed up in this costume on Friday.  The kids loved it when I came out at opening ceremonies, dressed like this looking for that silly dragon! If you haven't read this book by Robert Munsch, you need to, and you need to read it to your children and grandchildren.  It's one of my all-time favorites! 

Happy September, Everyone!  Have a great week!


  1. Ha! Ibuprofen! I have been there...taught kindergarten and first grade for a long time. I love this post. Once I left teaching I always gave my kids' teachers a little welcome back gift. Sometimes it was just a note of encouragement and to let them know that I was willing and able to do whatever they needed throughout the year. I often found that was the most well received gift of all! Happy New Year!

    1. I taught 1st grade for a long time...the lunch line on the first day was always the worst! Poor babies didn't know how to get a tray, pick up a milk, etc. even after visiting in the morning to go through it. Those notes are always welcome too. I saved all of mine and read them whenever I was having 'one of those days'.

  2. So thankful for the unsung warriors who preside over classrooms everywhere!

    1. Thank you, Michele. Teachers everywhere appreciate it!

  3. Awesome! I taught for many years and greatly appreciated the gifts. No matter what time of year they were given. I might suggest not forgetting the principals. I sat at that desk for 10 years and if it hadn't been for some of the best teachers ever the first day would have been a nightmare. (OK, more of a nightmare.) Thanks for your hard work.


    1. Thank you for suggesting principals, Marie. That is one tough job and one I don't think I could do! I'm so glad you stopped by the Cottage.


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