Meet My Monster

The Monster Plant, that is!  
Last summer a friend told me he had several jade plants and asked me if I would like one.  Being a plant-lover I said, "Yes!".  What I was expecting and what I received were very different.  I thought I'd get a plant that was, maybe, 6 inches's what came home with me:
Let me give you some perspective by putting a Mason jar next to it:
This jade plant lived all summer on my front porch and did grow...a little bit.  For the winter, it has taken up residence in the dining room and seems to be quite happy.  Over the weekend, I took off one of the pieces that was draped over the side of the pot and replanted it.
I think I could repot a few more...let me know if you want one!

It's going to be a quiet week around the cottage.  I'm having surgery for carpal tunnel, so, I have no projects planned, but, have no fear...I'll be back next week!  

Have a wonderful week and thank you for stopping by the Cottage.

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  1. Lovely plant and good luck with your surgery!

  2. It is certainly a healthy Jade plant, and I've heard that they really do root very well from cuttings. Enjoy!

    1. Thank you, far, the cutting is doing well!

  3. How pretty! I don't have much luck with plants at all. I wish I did! I have managed to keep a miniature indoor rose plant alive for almost two years. That's a major accomplishment for me! Thanks for sharing your pretty Jade plant with us at Snickerdoodle Sunday.

    1. Thank you, Beverly. I should send you a piece fo this one - so far, it's impossible to kill!


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